Due to the COVID-19 pandemic The 17th IFMSA European Regional Meeting was postponed and will take place from September 27th to October 1st, 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It will be hosted by Lithuanian medical students’ association (LiMSA).

Feel the wind of change – be the wind of change! 💛💚❤️


EuRegMe (European Regional Meeting) is an annual event that gathers around 300 medical students from more than 40 National member organisations (NMOs) of the IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations) European Region. However, an individual from a National Member Organization (NMO) that is allocated to a different region of IFMSA (Eastern Mediterranean Region, Asia Pacific Region, and others) may participate in the regional meeting as an observer. One may also participate in EuRegMe as an External if they are representing a partner organization of IFMSA.

The meeting will be filled with learning, social and cultural experiences: from Standing committee sessions, plenaries, activities fair to parties, sightseeing and traveling. 

This year we are also putting a lot of effort to create an exceptional Theme event. Want to learn more? Click here! 

LiMSA is very pleased and excited to welcome the IFMSA European family to our capital city! 


In 2019 LiMSA (Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association) celebrated its 30th birthday. Being this age, LiMSA has already given birth to several successful children known abroad: SCORP Camp in 2016, SRT in 2017 and “We Grow by Sharing” (together with our friends at UMSA) in 2018. The most recent event SRT 2019 “Your Global Update“ took place in August 2019, attracting participants and trainers from more than 20 countries worldwide!

Despite having only 2 LCs (Local committees), we have experience, creativity and eagerness to create the best EuRegMe experience for you. 

Let’s catch the wind of change together!