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We want you to love our country as much as we do – therefore we have created 2 different postEuRegMe tours that you can choose from. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history geek or a nature lover – you can find it all in Lithuania! 

All the tours will begin on the morning of 1st October. So we invite you to feel the real wind of Lithuania together with us! 💛💚❤️

Feel the Spirit of Trakai

price: 35€

Date: 01.10.2020

A day trip to an unbelievably peaceful and quiet small town Trakai, which used to be one of the most important cities during the medieval times. The gem of the town is a medieval castle built on an island in the middle of lake Galvė, surrounded by a spectacular landscape of nature. Once you’re in Trakai, it is a must to taste Kibinai – a traditional dish of the Karaite ethnic community brought to us centuries ago from Crimea. The best way to feel the spirit of the town is touring the area by water transport, so that is what the boat trip is for! Included: Trakai town and Castle (guided tour), authentic Karaite Lunch, boat trip in the lake Galvė and transportation from Vilnius to Trakai and back

Feel the Wind of the Baltic Sea

price: 110€

Date: 01.10 – 02.10.2020

A two-day trip where you can explore the gem of the Lithuanian landscape – Curonian Spit National Park, which is a strip of land that separates the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so you can’t miss the chance to feel the magnificence of its wind-blown dunes! Another place that you will visit on this tour is our capital of jazz, our third largest city (yet not that large) and the only harbor in Lithuania – Klaipėda. Klaipėda has a chilled vibe brought to it by the ships calmly swinging in the port and it is clearly seen in the architecture of its cozy Old Town that this city belonged to Germany for a long time. 

Included: Accommodation, transportation from Vilnius and back.

Day 1:

Ferry to the Curonian Spit, lunch, the Hill of Witches in Juodkrantė, the Dead dunes, Parnidis Dune and Thomas Mann* Memorial Museum in Nida, free time in Nida (optional), dinner.

Day 2:

Breakfast, Old Town of Klaipėda Tour, lunch, the Castle Museum in Klaipėda

*Thomas Mann was a German writer and the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate. He and his wife Katia were ‘seized by the indescribable peculiarity and beauty of nature, and the fantastic world of shifting dunes’ on their first visit to Nida in the summer of 1929, and they quickly made up their minds to build a permanent residence here.


The registration for postEuRegMe tours will take place from 1st June, 2020 until 7th July, 2020 11:59 PM GMT.

The payment deadline: 28th July, 2020 11:59 PM GMT. The invoices will be sent by 21st July together with your NMO’s EuRegMe and merchandise fees.


If you’re not joining our postEuRegMe tours or want to explore a bit more by yourself, here are some other places worth visiting in Lithuania:

The Hill of Crosses

(Kryžių kalnas)
The exact origins of Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses remain a mystery. Just outside the northern city of Šiauliai, thousands of metal ant wooden crosses – placed here for nearly two centuries – have a home on this hill. Despite many attempts to destroy it, this unusual pilgrimage site endures as a powerful testament to devotion. UNESCO recognizes cross-making as intangible cultural heritage of Lithuania, a “symbol of national and religious identity” uniting the community in the face of adversity.


Rumšiškės open-air museum is a massive recreation of pre-industrial Lithuania. With 150 buildings spread over 195 ha, it is also among the world’s largest museums. By area it equals the entire nation of Monaco and is four times the size of the Vatican. The centerpiece of the museum is a town featuring buildings from all over Lithuania typical to different time periods. The town has all prerequisite town elements: a market square with natural stone paving, a church, an inn and houses of avarious craftsmen and traders engaging in pottery, waving, amber and wood crafting.

Tree Ridge Trail in Anykščiai

(Medžių lajų takas)
It is the first trail in the Baltic States and throughout Eastern Europe where you can stroll at the level of tree tops. The tree lane trail extends 300 m and rises evenly to 21 m above the ground. At the end of the trail there is a 34-meter – tall tower with a viewing platform. Here you can take a look at the Anykščiai forest and admire the twists and turns of the Šventoji river.