Looking for a perfect opportunity to develop a new skill? Willing to get the full EuRegMe experience? Join pre-EuRegMe to go above and beyond the usual EuRegMe agenda! 💛💚❤️


We are excited to present you 4 incredible pre-EuRegMe workshops that offer a great variety of topics and a unique capacity building possibility for everyone:

– AMET: The Medical Students’ Vision of the European Health Workforce
– Climate Action for Peace: An International Training on Disaster Medicine
– Global Health Advocates: The future of European Advocates
– Mental Health for Medical Practitioners

Full descriptions for each workshop are available here

These workshops would be impossible without you – the most experienced Trainers and eager to learn Participants! Therefore we invite you to apply for these positions:

– Additional call for Trainers is open until January 27th 23:59 GMT. Click here to apply!
– Call for Participants is now open! Register here before February 7th 23:59 GMT to get the full EuRegMe experience.