Lithuania is easily accessible from the largest European cities by different modes of transport: plane, train, bus, ferry or car. We encourage all delegates to consider not only the cheapest, but the most environmentally friendly way of travelling as well.

See IFMSA sustainable traveling recommendations here


The most sustainable way to reach Lithuania, particularly Vilnius, is by busses and trains, that arrive to Vilnius Bus Station and Vilnius Train Station from various European cities.

Official train routes to Vilnius can be found here

For the bus routes and timetables check: Ecolines, Eurolines, Lux Express

Alternatively, three international airports are located in Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. 

If your preferred mode of transportation is air, we suggest you to fly straight to Vilnius International Airport as it is the closest to the venue. 

Nonetheless, Kaunas International Airport is an hour and a half away from the capital city, so you can easily reach it by bus too (another route is reaching Kaunas Bus Station or Kaunas Train Station by Kaunas busses and then heading to Vilnius). 

Riga International Airport is an option as well, as situated a 4-hour bus drive away from Vilnius. If you cannot find flights to the cities mentioned above check flights to Warsaw, from there buses and planes run to Vilnius daily. 

A map with all the direct flights to Vilnius can be found here.

There are direct trains and buses going from Vilnius International Airport to the main train and/or bus stations (a 7 to 10-minute ride) too.

Additionally, here is an app to help you easily use Vilnius and Kaunas local transport.

Different routes to reach Lithuania not mentioned above can be found here